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Can Craniosacral Therapy heal old injuries?


Very often, the root of chronic pain is a childhood fall or young adult injury. Unfortunately, the body is a physical record of all our calamities; leaving their patterns of restriction to contend with. 

Let me give you an example:

A 32 year old women came to see me for what she thought was chronic sinus pain. She had migraine headaches, with pain around her nose, cheeks, forehead, jaw, and sometimes ears. She felt exhausted most of time. I could feel, during her first treatment, that her face had been pushed in and down towards her throat. She then recalled a very bad fall on her face when she was 10 years old. Using the gentle techniques in Craniosacral Therapy I was able to follow the body back through what it experienced and bring it back into proper alignment, relieving the pressure and the pain throughout her system. Today, she is pain-free!

I'd love to help you get pain-free too!

Reach out and book a consultation with me!

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