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It's time for:

Pain-Relief and Rejuvenation

Is pain interfering with your sleep, your job, your daily activaties, your passions, even your relationships & family life?


Feeling hopeless after 'trying it all'?

Want to feel good doing the things you need and love to do?

Craniosacral Therapy and Somato Emotional Release

bring safe, gentle, relief from:

  • Chronic pain

  • TMJ

  • Migraines

  • Chinook headaches 

  • Sinus infections

  • Accidents & Falls

  • Repetitive Motion and Postural Strain

  • Whiplash

  • Sports and Head injuries

  • Back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Neck and arm pain 

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Sexual and Physical trauma 

Ready to try something new?

Experience deep healing through  Intuitive Craniosacral Therapy   

Make feeling good your way of life!

Meet Katie

Intuitive Craniosacral Therapist 

Registered Massage Therapist 

Certified DM Facilitator 

Inspirational Speaker

"Lifelong vitality is...doing what you love, for as long as you can, feeling as good as you can." - Katie Grinham

Welcome to New Light Wellness - where it is my heartfelt desire to assist you in living a healthy and meaningful life!


For over 25 years, I have assisted people in resolving physical and emotional pain helping them to reconnect to their essence of: health, vitality, inner wisdom, and strength. 

I'm passionate about helping you and your family heal.

Often, the clients I see have tried other therapies with little or no relief and are discouraged.

I use a blend of healing modalities - at the intersection of scientific medicine and ancient energy techniques; I connect deeply to their bodies - enabling me to unwind patterns of strain, gently bringing them back into balance and alignment.  

Clients also come seeking emotional well-being - deep relaxation, personal growth, and spiritual healing.

Whatever your concerns may be, try a session that cares for your body, mind, and spirit!


Heal the pain you thought you had to live with and feel good doing the things you love!

After Yoga

What I Specialize In

Holistic Healing

of Physical Injury & Chronic Pain Relief

Adapting Your Daily Habits

with Ergonomics 

for Ongoing Relief


You to Your

Well-Being, Heart,

and Vitality

Creating a Safe Space for Emotional and Spiritual Growth

Inspiring People to Live Healthy, Dynamic, and Meaningful Lives

"Katie is a healer in the truest, and deepest, sense of the word.

She has a profound understanding of the body/mind/spirit relationship and uses a variety of modalities to heal in all arenas. I have been seeing Katie as a craniosacral therapist for 25 years and she has helped me heal major issues like migraine headaches, TMJ, a broken arm, and other injuries, as well as providing me with what I call ‘regular maintenance’ to keep me balanced and avoiding problems from sitting too long at my computer. Katie is also incredibly intuitive and gifted in helping me see and heal unhealthy emotional patterns as they arose in our sessions. Her in-depth and comprehensive understanding of body physiology, her intuitive understanding of the interaction between the body, mind, and spirit and her wise and compassionate ability to communicate, combine to make her a very gifted healer. 

Whenever my body is feeling out of balance, or I have a mishap, Katie is always the first one I call.

- Susan C. 

Life Coach


“The greatest gift we can give our family is our own good health”

- Joyce Meyers 

Client Testimonials

Alternative health care practices are often met with a healthy dose of scepticism. From this perspective I approached Katie, since western medicine wasn’t cutting it for me.


The first visit with Katie resulted in the disappearance of a decade old neck restriction! 


Over time,  my health and energy levels improved such that I sought out weight loss regimes, reduced the use of/or eliminated pharmaceutics, slept better, began using traditional time honored remedies. Today, I am healthier, happier and more cognizant of my body and its care. Better yet, I can extol the virtues of craniosacral therapy to others. It's time for us to treat alternative therapies with the respect they deserve and build them into our plan for regular healthy living practices." 

- Lorraine 

Retired Teacher

If you love yourself and are willing to commit to your self-care, Katie is an amazing therapist who draws upon a range of modalities. Hard to describe what she does but I feel much better after leaving her treatment."

- Natalie 


I first started going to Katie many years ago and she has helped me through various conditions. These range from helping my Colitis symptoms, to treating my low back pain, to helping me recover from surgeries.


She has also provided me with recommendations that I use everyday. I have a desk job and the way I sit now is due to Katie's suggestions. I was creating a condition in my body due to incorrect posture and I didn't know it.

I leave her sessions feeling more aligned and balanced.

Katie is truly gifted and I'm grateful to have her as part of my healthcare regime.

- Melissa  


 "I recently had a bad fall on the ice, injuring both my left ankle and my left knee. I managed to walk home but, within a couple of hours the ankle was so sore I could not put weight on it. 


The next day, I was very fortunate to have Katie Grinham offer a distance healing on the injury from her studio. I relaxed on my bed while she performed her healing from a distance. 


I went from hobbling to walking almost normally following the treatment. The day after the healing session, I was booked to help with a move and found I was able to move easily with no pain in the ankle." 

- Ariana


Healing Treatments & Plans

Want to learn more about living a full and healthy life?


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