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About Katie

Holistic Healer & Inspirational Speaker

I'm Katie Grinham, 

a passionate healer, facilitator, registered massage therapist, and inspirational speaker.


I'm here to educate individuals , families, schools, health organizations and associations, about  physical and emotional well-being. My focus is Inspiring and empowering them to live active , meaningful lives with vibrant health!


Craniosacral therapy has been my passion for over 25 years. I specialize in resolving chronic and long-standing pain. I also work with clients to identify daily habits, that contribute to their reoccurring pain, and give them solutions as what to do differently.

I treat a wide variety of clients of all ages:

  • Babies for colic, bringing relief to the whole household.

  • School age kids for sport injuries preventing more serious repercussions later in life.

  • Teens and Adult’s for stress, repetitive strains and injures, teaching them ways to care for their bodies.

  • Seniors relieving pain, increasing flexibility, enhancing energy, and giving them strategies to live healthy active lives.

I also work with people on an emotional and spiritual level. Craniosacral therapy is a powerful blend of anatomy, physiology and the mind- body connection. It has been my passion, my life's work-connecting and treating hundreds and hundreds of individuals and families.

Like many people who have overcome challenges, I wanted to empower others to do the same.

So for the last 10 years, I have been an inspirational speaker. I love sharing ideas, encouraging people to break free from limiting beliefs and to boldly “go forth” in what really matters to them.


My talks are filled with entertaining stories, practical ideas and spiritual practices, that  focus on creating more inner peace while living an engaged and meaningful life. 

Let's connect!

Email me:

Call me: 403-938-1467

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My experience, skills, and credentials:

  • Craniosacral Therapy-CS1, CS2, CS-ADV

Upledger Institute, Florida

  • Massage Therapy- Registered Massage Therapist

Mount Royal University, Calgary

  • Somato Emotional Release

SER1, SER2,- Upledger Institute, Florida

  • Demartini Method Personal Development

       Certified Facilitator

Demartini Institute, Houston Texas

  • Certificate in Continuing Education for Adults

Mount Royal University, Calgary

  • Energy Healing and Rebalancing:

    • Reiki Master

    • Therapeutic Touch

    • Bio-energetics-chakra clearing

  • Emotional Freedom Technique for Adults and Children

  • Spiritual Enrichment and Leadership training

Unity Worldwide Ministries, Kansas City


  • Toastmasters - Competent Inspirational Speaker


  • Inspirational Speaker and Leader for Unity of Calgary, Spiritual Community for the last 9 years.

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My Healing Story

It was the Fall of 1989 and the sun was just crawling up the horizon when I tried to lift my legs under the covers.


They were stiff, rigid, like the rest of my body. I felt like I could shatter into a million pieces if someone touched me.

I had hit my physical and emotional limit and I was only 30-years-old. I had been running and running on the hamster wheel trying to get away from myself. Away from sadness, away from franticness, away from the feeling of hopelessness that sat on my heart. I was fried.

 Five years of Lithium medication had kept me functioning but, that was about it. I was extremely anxious- upset stomach, spastic colon, hyper-active,  fearful, irritable, sleep deprived and severely depressed when I wasn't manic. I also struggled with learning disabilities,  poor concentration, reoccurring motion sickness and severe sciatica down my right leg.

Something had to change, and soon.

This was the condition I arrived in  for my first Craniosacral Therapy (CST) session. I was living in Vancouver, BC at the time and my sister recommended a physiotherapist trained in CST who had helped her with issues from growing up in our tumultuous household.


My healing experiences with Craniosacral therapy were holistic and profound.

I soon learned the true depths of Craniosacral healing: It was going to help me with physical pain, anxiety, depression and even motion sickness and learning disabilities that linked back to my difficult birth. Apparently, I was a big baby and I became kind of folded inward causing me to be born with alignment issues -leading to being pigeon toed,  having on-going motion sickness, and sciatic down my right leg, in my early teens. CST  resolved all these issues for which I am truly grateful. I often think "What if I had been treated with CST when I was young" Imagine all the suffering I could have avoided and what a better traveling companion I would have been! 


Craniosacral Therapy also had a huge benefit on my mental and emotional well-being. There are three areas of the body that, when compressed, create depression. It is called the 'Triad of Depression' and I had all three; low back compressed down onto the sacrum, skull compressed down onto the neck, and the sphenoid bone, behind the eyes,  pushed deep into the head.

This triad can get set in motion a several different ways. In my case it was a blow to the head at age 3, where for others it could be a car accident, sports injury or a bad fall to name a few.


I vividly remember the day my CS therapist gently decompressed my skull from my neck, C1, releasing the triad. There was a profound release of pressure - as though the back of my head was missing. Seconds later,  I felt as though I was lifting up from the sinking, drowning  feeling, I had experienced  for years,. It was like breaking through the surface of the water. It was exhilarating! I felt free-I felt hopeful! I still had emotional issues to deal with from childhood, including physical and sexual trauma but, I finally felt confident that I could make it. I would heal. I would get better! I would be come a 'Thrivor' not just a survivor!


This took believing and holding in my heart and mind that I would be well. The mind has a great influence over the body, and healing my negative thinking and low self esteem was essential. I am thankful for the Demartini Method, Emotional Freedom Technique, and the Unity Teachings for transforming my beliefs about myself and the world. Believing there is a loving healing presence/energy within me and around me, gave me strength and wisdom to turn my life around. Healing is a journey. I am very grateful to the brilliant CS therapists and other modalities that nurtured me back to health, to feeling and living from my own wholeness. Finally, resting into my authentic self, I found some peace.


It was during one of my own treatments, that I realized I wanted others to feel peace, to have hope, to not stay stuck in their pain and upset. This led me to training in many of the modalities that helped me heal. Now, it is my heartfelt privilege, to offer hope; to be a guiding light using my healing hands, to support you and your loved ones on their healing journey back to their essence of vibrant health, and emotional well-being.


Have questions about how I can support you to heal? 

Reach out to me, I'd love to talk about your journey.

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