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My Healing Services

A holistic blend of modalities to strengthen and maintain 

health for your whole family

Feel Healthy - Have the Energy to Live Life to the Fullest!

Not feeling well is no fun. Ironically, many people live with pain and discomfort that they think cannot be resolved.


Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a light touch technique, that can improve functioning of the body even where old injuries persist. 

It is CST's gentleness that makes it a safe and effective method for treating everyone from babies to seniors. Personally, I have received immense benefit from this therapy, hence it is the main approach I use in treating clients.


Learn more about Cranioasacral Therapy

My training as a registered massage therapist gives me a foundation and understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the nature of pain and injuries. I intuitively listen to the body's wisdom and integrate therapies that enhance and balance the energy in and around the body. This brings deep revitalization and a profound sense of well-being. 

You can feel better!

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What's a session like?

In a room that is inviting and relaxing, Katie will discuss your health concerns before she begins the healing. A session can be anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on time needed to feel complete and integrated with the issues addressed.


Each session has a unique flow. Some sessions focus more on emotions and mental well-being, while other sessions are dedicated to pain relief, by bringing the skeletal and muscular systems into alignment and proper functioning. 

Many sessions focus on physical issues like: migraine headache , back pain, sinus problems, panic attacks, TMJ or any other physical challenge big or small. Craniosacral Therapy is very effective in treating these. 


Other sessions may begin with identifying limiting beliefs or thoughts that are holding you back. I use the Emotional Freedom Technique and aspects of the Demartini Method to bring a shift in perception leaving you feeling peaceful, empowered, and ready to deal with life's challenges. 

And finally, a session may contain all of these. It can start with the treating of physical body pain and then move into Somato Emotional Release as feelings come to the surface/awareness to be dealt with and healed.


All sessions are done fully clothed so it is advisable to wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing.

"A therapist, who is also a healer, treats more than just your symptoms, gently guiding you back to wholeness."

- Katie Grinham 

My Healing Modalities


Emotional Release


Developed by Dr. John Upleadger, the creator of Craniosacral Therapy, is a powerful way to bypass the resistance of the mind to release pain, memories, and stored emotions in the muscles, organs and tissues of the body. This is achieved through Guided Imaginary, Gestalt exercises,  and physical positioning, bringing transformation to physical and emotional issues. 

The Demartini Method


A personal development tool. 

This method provides a new paradigm in thinking. It is a way to see things with more balance. 

A method to see the benefits and the drawbacks of any situation and have more realistic expectations of myself and others, easing the frantic hopelessness

 so many of us live in.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/Tapping


A powerful mind-body technique that uses tapping on meridian points on the body while talking through emotional upsets and blocks. It may sound complex, but EFT is an easy, straightforward, and teachable process to deal with “what is so” in the moment and bring down the intensity of any feeling.

Energy Healing & Rebalancing


I use a variety of energy tools including: Master Level Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Clearing, Bio-energetics, and numerous meditation techniques. These tools literally re-energize your body and deeply relax your mind, taking the body out of “fight or flight” giving you a fresh start.  

"The body is quite logical; it does everything for a reason." - Katie Grinham 

Healing Treatments & Plans