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How to Book In:

Let's go on your healing journey together

Email Katie with your Choices Below: 

Step 1: Choose Your Service

Step 2: Pick Your Location

 Calgary -Joy & Vitality Centre-163 Quarry Pk Blvd. SE.

Glow Health and Vitality Chiropractic 1128 10 Ave. SW

Okotoks - Woodhaven Drive - Address given upon confirmation 

Step 3: Pick Your Time

 Calgary -

Monday &Wednesday -  10:00am 12:00pm  2:30pm  4;30pm at Glow Chiropractic

2nd Tuesday & Friday        -  10:15am  12:30pm  2:30pm  4:30pm at Joy & Vitality Centre


1st & 3rd Tuesdays       10am            12:30pm        3:00pm or later  

Thursdays                    10am            12;30pm        3:00pm or later  

Saturdays -some availability on request                              

Step 4: Email Katie with your choices above

Step 5: Get Ready to Feel Better!

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