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Why does my headache when there’s a Chinook?

Chinook winds, common in Calgary and area, signify changes in barometric pressure and this pressure effects the movement of the bones of your skull.

Believe it or no, the bones of your skull move ever so slightly in response to rise and fall of the cerebrospinal fluid within your central nervous system.

When the barometric pressure goes down it “ pushes” the cerebrospinal fluid causing the bones of the skull, which fit together like puzzle pieces, to swell out. But what happens! when these puzzle pieces/bones are jammed together from a previous injury, e.g. banging your head, concussion, difficult birthing process, or sport injuries?! PRESSURE and pain!

Can Craniosacral Therapy help? YES!

Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch technique which gently encourages the bones to shift and align ever so slightly, allowing them to once again move correctly, relieving pressure in the forehead, temples, behind the eyes and the base of the skull. Craniosacral Therapy was developed by an Osteopathic Surgeon in 1967, and is safe for all ages, newborns to the elderly!

Have Chinook headaches?

I'd love to help your healing!

Reach out to me and book a consultation.

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